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       “Resolute to manage finance in compliance with good governance and in response to the missions of the Institute.”



     1.)   Act as the epicenter of the Institute’s financial affairs management
     2.)   Provide and facilitate NIDA faculty and students as well as other related people/entities with excellent financial services 
     3.)  Present information on financial affairs to NIDA’s Administration for their consideration and decision-making



     1.)  To focus on financial service provision in conformity with good governance
     2.) To manage, monitor, and evaluate the financial performance for highest efficiency and productivity
     3.) To fully attain financial targets with cost-effectiveness, transparency, and verification


        Finance and Procurement Division is a support work unit which is essential to ensure effective implementation of all NIDA’s work units. The Division primarily takes charge of two important    administrative resources which are money and material. The Finance and Procurement Division thus plays a significant role in enabling the Institute to smoothly progress and efficiently meet its target. For the time being, the Institute’s financial system is administered in the centralized fashion. In this respect, the Division functions as the Institute’s focal point responsible for managing budget, finance, accounting, procurement, and assets of all work units which are under the supervision of  NIDA. To respond to the Institute’s procedural directions both in short-term and long-term manner, the Division is also responsible for preparations of financial plans, control management, and expenditure control, whereby the implementation effectively fulfills its objectives.


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